A Long Time Coming

After more than two years, I was finally back in Boulder Colorado, and it felt great!

I spent my first semester of college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I met a lot of great people. I strongly believe in the importance of timing, and the effect it has on certain events in life. Boulder and I were bad timing.

I transferred to Northeastern University after only one semester, and have absolutely loved it. However, I have felt a lingering need to get back to Boulder – the mountains, my friends, and to top it off; my twin brother is now at Naropa University located in the heart of Boulder.

Two hundred and eighty dollars later, I had a ticket booked. March 2nd through the 10th – for over a week – I would be in Boulder!

I finally remembered what had brought me out to Boulder in the first place.

Flatiron Mountains

My brother’s house was surprisingly cute and odd; with a great view of the mountains. Spending time with him – and our closest high school friend Neil ¬†felt great.

For the next week, I ate, drank, and laughed more than I had in a long time. Its a wonderful thing when you make the type of connection with people that can withstand distance and busyness. My dear friends from Darley South freshman semester are these types of connections.

After a week of great times and even better food – it was time to return to Boston. During my time in Boulder, I had never been so sad leaving Boston and would have done anything to stay. This time I felt the opposite. I was in love with Boulder and absolutely did not want to leave. Yet again, timing for Boulder and I wasn’t right.

Returning to Boston, I remembered what it is I love about each place. And although I wish I could be in both places at once, I know there will be a time for Boulder and I. But for now, this is my time with Boston.

Me, my brother and our dear friends Neil and Darilynn

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