Pre-Departure: Goodbye Boston!

Traveling is one of the greatest privileges in life. There isn’t a place in the world I don’t have the desire to see.

“Guess I’ve got that old trav’lin’ bone, ’cause this feeling won’t leave me alone.” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Europe is an area of the world I have been most eager to explore. When will there be a better time than now? I have two months, a one way plane ticket to Copenhagen and two great friends to meet in Rome.

So here is the tenitive plan:

Land in Copenhagen and take the train into Sweden – stay with my cousin Anna in Helsingborg, then off to see Mormor in Stockholm – next is Italy – Rome, the Almalfi Coast, Florence, Tuscany and Venice – then Vienna, Austria – followed by Germany – Munich and Heidelberg – heading over to France – Paris down to the French Riviera – then into Spain – Barcelona, Granada, Seville – and finally,¬†ending with Lisbon, Portugal…

Home to Boston? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


One Response to “Pre-Departure: Goodbye Boston!

  • Marianna
    7 years ago

    I cannot wait to see you in such a short amount of time! Its crazy how much time has passed, and yet I still feel like it was yesterday that we were making goodies for our friends cause we’re too cheap to buy actual Christmas gifts. This blog turned out amazing, and though I will be with you on a lot of this summers adventures– I have to admit I am so excited to read every word you write! <33

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