Rock Climbing in Göteborg!

After a two and a half hour ride on two different trains and two buses, I arrived at Camilla’s house in Göteborg. Camilla was my au pair, a live in nanny, when I was four years old. She came from Sweden for a year, and took care of my twin brother Lucas and me after school while my parents worked. My mom, a Swede who came to America for college and never made it back, loved having au pairs from Sweden – which kept her connected to the country and led my brother and I to both become fluent in Swedish.

Camilla quickly became a close family friend and after moving back to Sweden, I don’t see her very often. Despite the distance between Helsingborg (where I am staying with my cousin) and Göteborg (where Camilla lives), I was absolutely excited to make the journey.

After I arrived, we ate some Swedish pancakes and I got to spend some time with her two lovely young girls. Camilla is somewhat of an avid rock climber, and having gotten into the activity myself over the past two years, I was excited to see her climbing area. She lives about a 5 minute walk from a popular climbing spot. Below are two of the main rock faces there.

Despite the 50 degree (F) weather and cold wind – it was a great day for climbing! The sun was out and there were a lot of people at the climbing area, apparently it was a weekend the that a few groups from Stockholm had come down to climb in Göteborg. Even though there were a lot of people, we still got some prime routes.

It had been a little bit since I had been climbing, about four months – so it was great to get back into the swing of it! I tried a few different routes. The route below had a difficult area, where height is definitely an advantage that I happen to lack. The part I am climbing required standing on the ledge below me and proceeding under the rock above, leaning back and pulling your way up the crevasse and to the next ledge. It was tricky but as you can see below, I made it from underneath the rock and went on to complete the route.

A climber friend and neighbor of Camilla, turned out to be a former student of my father at Concord Carlisle High School, in Concord Massachusetts. He had met a girl from Sweden, gotten married and moved to the same neighborhood in Göteborg that Camilla ended up in. These run ins definitely are a reminder how small the world is. It was great to meet him and his wonderful wife and two children (one of who I am holding below).

It was a fantastic day – meeting new friends and seeing old ones too. I loved visiting Camilla and her family, and look forward to the next time I get the opportunity to see them.

Camilla, her beautiful girls and myself

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  • Julie Levesque
    7 years ago

    Great photos! Looks like you are off to an exciting start.

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