Last Day in Helsingborg…

For my last day in Helsingborg, Anna and I were planning on doing some exploring – walking around and seeing what we discover. Having experienced the Helsingborg nightlife, we didn’t get as much sleep as anticipated. Regardless we woke up early(ish) and headed to a cafe for a cappuccino and biscotti. Delicious!

Then we strolled the streets and soaked in all the unique beauty of Helsingborg.

Anna took me to her favorite restaurant for lunch – Mezzo, which had a mix of Mediterranean food and Swedish pastries. The restaurant was adorable, with a cozy atmosphere and vibrant decor. And the food was absolutely delicious – I sampled the hummus, tabbouleh and couscous, then had a cappuccino with classic ‘princess torta’. Princess torta is a vanilla cake with a cream and raspberry filling, topped with a layer of green marzipan (almond paste)… unbelievable and a must have in Sweden!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Helsingborg and would absolutely recommend it for anyone looking for a small, cosy, young city in Sweden. I am going to miss Anna a lot, but am really glad I had the chance to visit her and experience Helsingborg. Tomorrow I am off to see Mormor (mother’s mother, Grandmother) in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden!

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