Beat You There Global Warming!

The ‘sinking city’ has been at the top of my travel list for years. Once I finally made it here, I was stunned by its beauty! But also a little disappointed…

Yes, it was fascinating being somewhere without cars, built over water, and dominated by footbridges and boats. The thing that tainted Venice for me was tourism. Scurrying around buying souvenirs and crowding every square inch, tourists were inescapable. Granted, I was a tourist myself, but so were the overwhelming majority of people on this floating city. All the business and activity was even centered around pleasing tourists. I know I probably shouldn’t expect much else from one of the world’s most famous locations, but it took away from the magical feeling I had expected to engulf me when I arrived in Venice.

Nonetheless, Venice was lovely and we enjoyed all three days of meandering there…

The main plaza, Piazza San Marco, was a gathering spot for pigeons. Much to my dismay – considering I have an unreasonable fear of pigeons… embarrassing I know!

In the spirit of travel and self-growth, Marianna and Sammy urged me to conquer my fear. To do something unthinkable…. to hold a pigeon.

After several failed attempts, I finally came face to face with my fear, letting a ‘flying rat’ land with its terrifying feet and perch itself on my hand (for all of 3 seconds).

I must say, I now have an increased sense of ease around pigeons. My fear is not completely gone, but it has become less severe. I’m glad I took advantage of Piazza San Marco’s inhabitants, but I will NEVER willingly let it happen again.

Piazza San Marco at night

Cathedral in Piazza San Marco

On Saturday there was a fabulous outdoor market with colorful fresh seafood, fruit, and vegetables.

Seafood Lunch - Fried mix of seafood with a glass of Chardonnay, 8 euros

There also happened to be a boat race the weekend we were in Venice. Boats and their crews came from all over the world for a day of racing and exploring the canals of this nautical city.

There was even a man who turned a bike into a pedal-boat!

Overall, though slightly disappointed, I ultimately loved Venice! In spite of the tourists there was a calm that rested over this city; a quiet rippling of water and the sound of far-off boats. Very early in the morning, when people were not yet out, Venice did indeed have that magical feeling I always envisioned.

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