Munich: Land of Beer and Happiness

There is something so calm about being on a train. Sitting back and letting time pass, seeing what lies between you and your destination, reading a book, or simply reflecting and staring out the window.

If you were going to sum up Munich in three words they would be:

1) beer

2) garden

3) meat

Three of the best things in life, so how could Munich be anything less than amazing?

Full of gorgeous architecture, scrumptious food, and even better beer, Munich quickly became one of my favorite cities!

From the top of a church tower we looked out over Munich. Absolutely beautiful!

We came across a market with everything from fruit, vegetables, and candy, to teas, fresh juice, soups, and honey rum!

The food in Germany was awesome! Consisting of meat, pretzels, and more meat… we had some of our best European meals here in Munich!

(I apologize for the poorly taken photos of food, we were under tricky limitations and I figured these were better than nothing!)

Black tea dark chocolate, Vanilla Champagne white chocolate and a Marzipan Violet White Chocolate

The English Garden (Englischer Garten) may be the best thing about Munich. In the middle of Germany’s third largest city lies this 1.4 square mile patch of greenery. Strolling through the garden on a summer’s day, you find people sunbathing, playing sports, surfing in the river, and drinking at one of Munich’s famous ‘beer gardens.’

Surfers in the English Garden's River

Drinking a giant, ice cold beer among friendly Germans in this picturesque garden was definitely a priceless experience!

On a more serious note, we made a day trip to Dachau, visiting Germany’s first concentration camp. This was extremely powerful and devastatingly sad. Having never been to such a place before, it was the closest I have ever come to grasping the scale of horror that occurred throughout the second World War.

Gate of the camp: 'Arbeit Macht Frei' translates to 'Work Makes Free' - a message of false hope since no amount of work would earn the prisoners freedom

Memorial to Commemorate the Dachau Victims

Foundations where the camp's dorms once stood - a stark reminder of all the misery that took place on this land

The last thing we did in Munich was a brief visit to the Nymphenburg Palace. Unimpressive compared to the prior palaces in Austria, this was definitely a skip-worthy site.

Munich was a blast! I would love to spend a summer here at some point, basking in the English garden and indulging myself on German goodies!

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