Oh isn’t it Nice… France!

Beaches, beaches and more beaches. The south of France is full of crystal clear water, blue cloudless skies and tanned sunbathers. An ideal vacation spot, Nice provided us with a much needed break from the chaos of constant, on-the-go traveling. It came at the perfect time. After the bustling, rainy city of Paris, a night train delivered us to the beautiful weather right in time for a beach day.

Aside from the water and beaches, Nice holds windy cobbled roads lined with restaurants, cafes, gelato shops, souvenir stores, and little French choclatiers. Scattered among these establishments are several beautiful cathedrals and beautiful buildings.

Several nearby coastal towns also hide sandy, quiet beaches. Villefranche, Cannes and Monaco are among these places. After a day trip to the beaches in Villefranche, we were more than impressed with what the French Riviera had to offer.

Adding to our adventures, we decided to go scuba diving! Not a world-renouned scuba destination, but for a first time experience (my friend Marianna) and just 30 Euros, it was well worth the experience.

Warm, sunny weather isn’t the only thing Nice has to offer. It was also full of delicious French food! For our last meal in this great country, we went to a cozy restaurant called ‘Carpe Diem.’ Their menu was all in French (sign of authenticity) and had only a few dishes to choose from. I went all out and ordered the prefixed three course menu:

Course 1 – Asparagus tart with salad

Course 2 – Chicken in lemon sauce with zucchini and potatoes

Course 3 – Apricot lavender tart with vanilla sauce and cinnamon

One of the best meals of the whole trip, especially the tangy chicken with crispy zucchini! Although it will be upsetting to leave this paradise, I am more than ready to finally experience Spain, a country that I not only admire for it’s language, but also it’s culture, food, and sangria!

Adieu France, I’ll be back soon!


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