Bienvenido España – Barcelona!

Barcelona is a place where I could get comfortable. Beaches, Gaudi architecture, tapas, sangria, a daily fruit and meat market, parks… what more could you ask for? Barcelona has it all; decent weather year round, mountains in the horizon, and ocean shores. A beautiful city in a beautiful country. People are friendly, happy, and fashionable. The food is delicious, fresh, and fun. And the sangria… enough said!

Sagrada Familia by Gaudi

One of my favorite parts of this great city was the Gothic district. Narrow cobbled roads with tapas bars tucked in every alleys, and graffiti littering the walls. Little oases of nature and architecture hidden every now and then. Quiet and calm, the twisty streets of the Gothic area were magical, ones I could happily loose myself on for hours.


One tapas bar in particular, Lonja de Tapas, was my favorite. With moderate prices (4-10 euros per tapa), this restaurant had a modern, chic environment and generous portions. Portions… very important when it comes to tapas. There’s a thin line, the nature of them are meant to be small and shared among friends BUT, there’s almost nothing more disappointing than when a restaurant brings out the tiniest morsel of food you have ever seen. This was not the case at Lonja de Tapas. It was so good, that I ate here twice! Each time leaving me extremely full and satisfied, and a little tipsy from the delicious sangria!

Barcelona Tapas

In summary, Barcelona left me with delightful memories and delicious food. Until we meet again, hasta luego!

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