Final Destination in Spain – Seville

Over 100 degrees fahrenheit each day, Seville was less than comfortable. I would not recommend a midsummers visit, but aside from the heat, Seville was beautiful!

View from Seville’s Cathedral

Easy to walk through, gorgeous architecture and endless delicious tapas and sangria. Just about sums up the requirements on my list! It somehow, also possessed a less touristy feeling relative to other parts of Spain and Europe; menus were in Spanish, servers spoke little English and the street salesmen were at a minimum. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t call Seville a hidden treasure, still had its fair share of beggars, souvenir shops and tourist targeting street vendors. But no where near as dense as cities such as Rome, Venice, Paris, or Barcelona.

Cathedral in Seville

Plaza de Toros – Bullfighting Stadium

The Alcázar Palace was my favorite. After seeing countless palaces through Europe, I was skeptical that this would be anything new. I was very wrong. The Moorish architecture mixed with lush gardens, was gorgeous and serene. There was a calm, stillness that overtook you inside this palace. I could picture slowly strolling through the airy halls on a scorching day back when Kings and Queens ruled the known world.

Aside from architecture and historic landmarks, Seville had some of my favorite Spanish tapas. As my last stop in Spain, I was determined to leave my taste buds on a happy note. I was on the hunt for amazing tapas, and my expectations were more than met.

Papas Bravas at Bodega Belmonte

^ This was the best ‘papas bravas’ I had while in Spain. Papas bravas are spicy potaotes, a classic tapa served at basically every restaurant in Spain. At this small tapas bar near the Cathedral, this dish was superb. The potatoes were perfectly boiled instead of traditionally fried, which gave them a pop when you bit into them. The sauce was packed with slow building heat and creaminess, and the herbs on top were the perfect addition. It was deeply satisfying and left me wanting more, absolutely delicious!

Pez de Espada con Tomate at Las Teresas

^ This was also fantastic. The ‘pez de espada con tomate’ was my last tapa in Spain and I couldn’t have ended things on a better note. A  crowded, local tapas bar in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, Las Teresas. At this cozy, authentic Spanish restaurant, iberico ham legs hung from the ceiling and exotic pictures covered the walls.

Waiters spoke only Spanish, had little patience for ignorant tourists and the menu was hard to decipher for non-Spanish linguists. The ‘pez de espada con tomate’ was a swordfish dish, with a tangy tomato sauce. The fish was light and cooked to perfection; both tender and flaky. The sauce was flavorful but didn’t overpower the taste of swordfish. I savored every bite and was tempted to get a second order despite my very full stomach.

Spain was amazing, probably my favorite country in Europe so far.

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