Goodbye America, Hello Asia

If there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that the next eight months will be anything but predictable. Not only am I about to explore a new hemisphere, but I am about to embark on the most challenging, exciting journey of my life. The next two months I will be backpacking through Southeast Asia, alone.

Let me explain. My grandparents and family think it’s risky, fellow traveler enthusiasts are adrenalized and as of now, I fall somewhere in the middle. But I had to do it. The burning need to experience the world is always within me and this time I couldn’t ignore the urge.

Heading to Sydney, Australia in the last week of February, I have the next two months free and again, felt compelled to buy a one-way plane ticket to somewhere unknown. This time, it’s Singapore. Unlike my trip through Europe this past summer, I have barely planned anything. Upon arriving in Singapore, I have four nights at a hostel booked and from there, who knows. Cambodia and Thailand are tentatively on the agenda but we’ll have to see where the tide takes me.

The coming months will be full of new people, exotic places and delicious food. I have never been so exhilarated and anxious. All that’s left is to pack my bag, strap up and get on the plane – the rest will fall in place.

3 Responses to “Goodbye America, Hello Asia

  • Brenda E
    7 years ago

    Amanda, wishing you months of new sights, sounds and experiences! Be safe always and keep updating your blog, we’ll be reading along the way from here in the States!! Miss you already!! <3

  • Have fun! It’ll be great! And I can’t wait to hear/read all about it.

  • Username*
    7 years ago

    Dear Amanda,
    In reading your blog, I thought of a quote from Lao Tsu:

    Express yourself completely,
    then become the quiet.
    Open yourself to heaven
    and earth, and be like
    the forces of nature;
    trust your natural responses.
    Everything will fall
    into place.

    Have a wonderful adventure, but be mindful of intuition.
    big hugs,

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