Unknown Territory

Concord, MA, USA – January 4th 2013

Staring at my freshly packed bag, I lay in bed unable to sleep. A blanket of uncertainty was upon me and I felt uneasy. So many questions occupied my mind… Am I making the right decision? Am I taking my love of traveling too far? Do I actually love traveling as much as I think? Will I make it back to Boston safety? Slipping towards self-doubt, I finally gave into the stress and exhaustion, and managed to get a few hours of sleep.

Halfway over Antarctica the next day, I sat on the plane and comfort sank back in. I remembered why I had bought this plane ticket and why I was heading to Asia. It’s simple: the world has so much to offer and I need to see it all. I want to explore every street, meander down every alley and get to know each city. The calm of being alone was finally present. Once again, I became excited and ready for all that lay ahead.


Singapore – January 5th 2013

Landing in Singapore I was exhausted. It was just past midnight and I had been awake for over a day. Ready for a night’s rest, I arrived at the Rucksack Inn on Temple street. Upon entering the 12-bed shared dorm room, I was unpleasantly surprised to find ten nearly-naked Indonesian men staring at me, my new roommates. Uncomfortable, I eased past them to my assigned bed and sank in, self-doubt beginning to creep back.

I woke up eight hours later fully restored and excited. After a cup of tea, I grabbed a map and hit the streets of Chinatown where my hostel was located. Fully consumed by wanderlust, I walked through Singapore until my feet wouldn’t allow any more; Marina Bay, Maxwell Food Center, Chinatown, and the Esplanade marked the beginning of my Asian adventure.


3 Responses to “Unknown Territory

  • Dorothy
    7 years ago

    Hi Amanda,Glad to see you and the great pictures. Talked to Monika yesterday, so you should be meeting up soon.
    Love the postings or emails when you have time. That way we know you okay.
    Love Grandma (and Grandpa, too).

  • Gail Gray
    7 years ago

    So glad you’re enjoying your trip so far. The pictures are beautiful!! Can’t wait for more of your posts!
    xo Gail

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