Singapore: An Omnivore’s Dilemma

The only dilemma one faces in Singapore is deciding what to eat. With so many delicious choices, there are simply not enough meals in the day!

A magical fusion of Asian cultures and flavors, Singapore is a city of amazing culinary creations. With influences from neighboring Southeast Asian countries, Singapore has adopted the best elements of each cuisine including noodles, rice, seafood, chicken, herbs, spicy, sweet and sour flavors and dozens of sauces. Everything is bold and tasty but a few of Singapore’s dishes are especially notable and I had the pleasure of trying them all.


Laksa – a spicy noodle soup with coconut broth, Laksa comes in several variations, usually topped with bean sprouts, cockles, fish cake, prawns and fresh scallions

Chili Crab – crab cooked in a tomato gravy that is tangy, spicy and delicious!

Chicken Rice – light yet flavorful poached chicken served on rice that’s been infused with chicken stock and accompanied by several sauces on the side (spicy chili pastes and soy)

Car Kway Teow – flat rice noodles stir-fried with eggs, prawns and cockles (variations can be found with vegetables, chicken or pork)



All throughout Singapore are ‘Hawker Centers’ which are full of this amazing, local food. At first glance they seem to be nothing more than your average food court which in America would be considered the lower end of the dining experience, but in Singapore, these centers offer the cream of the crop. Every Hawker Center is full of dozens of stalls, each focusing on a single dish or two and executing them fantastically. With fresh ingredients, flavorful sauces and cheap price tags, Hawker Centers are home to some of the best food in Asia.

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