Tasting Wanderlust


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Tasting Wanderlust

‘life is short and the world is wide’ – Simon Raven

with all the meandering streets, unknown towns, and flavors around each corner, the never-ending pull to experience all the world has to offer is strong and can’t be ignored

Recent Adventures


Singapore: An Omnivore’s Dilemma

The only dilemma one faces in Singapore is deciding what to eat. With so many delicious choices, there are simply...


The Land of Laws

“Would you like a piece?” I offered my Irish dinner companion, extending a pack of gum. “No!” he responded with...


Unknown Territory

Concord, MA, USA – January 4th 2013 Staring at my freshly packed bag, I lay in bed unable to sleep....


Goodbye America, Hello Asia

If there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that the next eight months will be anything but predictable....


Lisboa By Yourself

Although Lisbon wasn’t my favorite European city, it was definitely one of the greatest adventures I have ever had. For...


Final Destination in Spain – Seville

Over 100 degrees fahrenheit each day, Seville was less than comfortable. I would not recommend a midsummers visit, but aside from...

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